Window sills



Interior window sills are made from the following materials:

  • Conglomerate
  • Marble
  • Laminated MDF
  • PVC
  • Postforming

The photos of the window sills presented only show selected decors or color schemes. To get acquainted with the current offer of colors and veneers, please contact our sales offices.



Exterior window sills are made from the following materials:

  • Aluminum (tile imitation decor)
  • Aluminum in RAL colors
  • Steel
  • Steel softline
  • Laminated steel
  • Laminated steel softline

The photos of the window sills presented only show selected decors or color schemes. To get acquainted with the current offer, please contact the relevant providers or visit a showroom for more detailed information.


Window and door handles


In our selection of branded window and door handles, we present a range of proven, strong, and durable products from REHAU, HOPPE, and MEDOS.

From the wide range of handles on the market, we have selected for you unique, universal, and timeless models in many basic colors.

The handles are made of aluminum, making them light, durable, and ensuring high quality of fittings.

REHAU window and door handles

  • Premium quality and modern design,
  • Resistant to scratches, protected against corrosion and rust,
  • Available in standard version and with a key (additional security), produced in many colors and with a brushed surface,
  • Durable grips adapted for everyday use.

HOPPE window and door handles

  • Equipped with Secustik technology (integrated locking mechanism),
  • Guaranteeing safety,
  • Available in several color variants,
  • In three functional options; standard, with a button, with a key.

MEDOS window and door handles

  • Versions with a cover or metal body, Standard pin sizes,
  • Custom solutions available on special order,
  • In versions with a 45 and 90-degree rotation,
  • Various color and finish options.

Medos Dublin

Medos Victory


Krispol garage doors


VENTE K2 sectional doors

Panels are filled with polyurethane foam, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Standard Krispol gates are built with 40 mm thick panels. Such segment thickness guarantees a heat transfer coefficient at the level of U=1.0 W/m²K.

For passive and energy-efficient homes, a panel with a thickness of 60 mm is dedicated. Thanks to such thickness of segments, the gate's heat transfer coefficient reaches U=0.9 W/m²K.

An additional advantage of sectional doors are seals between panels and around the perimeter.

The entire construction, hinges, and fittings are galvanized, providing resistance to adverse weather conditions. Bearings in guide rollers guarantee extremely quiet operation.

The gate control mechanism can be configured with a dedicated remote control, phone, or computer.

When choosing a garage door, we have at our disposal over 50 decors and veneers and 200 colors from the RAL palette.


Appearance of panels:

  • narrow embossing
  • wide embossing
  • without embossing
  • V-profiling
  • panels

Available panel textures:

  • Slick - veneer or RAL color (smooth)
  • Woodgrain - wood decors
  • Woodgrain - RAL colors

Roll-up gates RGW, RGZ.

Roll-up gates are a solution dedicated to garages and rooms where it is not possible to install sectional doors or where space is important.

Thanks to their construction, they do not take up ceiling space, as the armor after rolling up is located in a box outside (RGZ) or inside (RGW) the garage above the entrance.




Krispol KALIMA blinds


The offer includes over 30 decors for guides and slats. Additionally, there is an option for painting in the colors of the RAL palette. Two control methods: electric and manual. The seals and brushes used at the connection of the slat with the guides ensure quiet and trouble-free operation. There is an option to choose the size of the box depending on the selected model, from 137 mm to 245 mm. Kalima blinds can be combined with an integrated mosquito net. Available slats M3 (width 39 mm), M4 (width 45 mm), and M5 (width 52 mm) for facade blinds. The possibility of configuring blinds with a control console, remote control, phone, and computer.

Kalima RZ Built-in Blinds

The Kalima RZ system can only be planned at the beginning of the investment. It is necessary to design a lintel of a special shape that allows the installation of the blind box along with insulation without creating thermal bridges.

Kalima RN / RT Window Blinds

Kalima RN and RT blinds do not require a specially designed lintel. The box is mounted to the window frame and the ceiling. The value of this solution is the lack of a visible blind box on the exterior of the building.

Kalima RR / RS Facade Blinds

Kalima RS or RR facade blinds can be installed in various facilities, regardless of how the building was constructed. The casing of the box is available in two variants: rounded (RR) or cut at a 45-degree angle (RS). The box, into which the blind slat rolls up, is mounted above the window to the facade.